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Values based investing.

Floodlight is an information platform that enables investors to align their financial decisions with their core values via fairly presented and ruthlessly validated data.

Floodlight seeks to ensure that trusted sources of information are fairly established and presented in a way that the investor prefers. By allowing each investor to determine how they would like to be informed, the Floodlight approach can build into a movement.

As more investors are connected to accurate, unvarnished information, Floodlight paves the way for solid progress and better accountability worldwide.

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We'll never distribute your email address, or use it for any other purpose.

The Floodlight team

We are illogically and irrationally obsessed with providing accountablity around accurate corporate disclosure.

Erin Angerer

Co Founder & COO

The passion and drive that Erin brings to Floodlight was established early in her life and solidified when she began her career in finance. Over time, a sense of conflict grew in Erin and a question beguiled her: "Why do companies that say they are good corporate citizens so often become marred by controversy and negative publicity?" There must be a better way to reward good, fair, and ethical companies. As a believer in the power of competitive forces to shape industry, Erin set off to build Floodlight.

Nate Wyne

Co Founder & CEO

Nate's career in capital markets and direct collaboration with some of the most recognizable firms in technology forced an "OK, but why" approach to data and strategy early on. Seeing companies of all sizes struggle to effectively locate and utilize pivotal data brought the idea for Floodlight into being. Based on the premise that companies should hold their own standards, and should be rewarded for doing so, Floodlight enables engaged investors to cut through slick marketing and focus on the details that matter most to them.

Ben Taber


Pushing bits around since elementary school, Ben is fueled by solving problems with technology. The last 15+ years have been spent in the fintech space, leveraging data and technology to empower investors to make informed decisions. That experience has highlighted an all too common misalignment between financial services firms and their customers' goals. Ben hopes to provide clarity and accountability to firms' commercial structures and incentives through Floodlight's datasets and visualization platforms.