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Satellite Emissions + Risk Data For Investment For Risk Management For Regulatory Compliance For Impact Assessment For Businesses

It's Time to Ditch the Guesswork Surveys Uncertainty Greenwashing

Yesterday’s Data, Not Last Year’s

Weekly Measurements and On Demand Reports

Science and Sensor Driven

Clear, Transparent Methodology Based on Latest Peer-Reviewed Approaches

Global Networks of Sensors

Ground and Sky Based Sensors Provide True Fine Scale Global Coverage

True, Asset-Level Coverage

By Address or by Business, Measurements at the Scale you Need

Meeting Net-Zero Commitments: From Measurement to Management

Meeting net zero commitments

Have you made net zero commitments? Our platform provides data, tracking, and forecasting to guide decisions to meet targets.

Set and track milestones and see how emissions, financed emissions, and impact change over time.

True, Address-Level Analytics

We start from the ground up – literally. Understanding the business starting from each asset provides operations-scale, decision useful data. This allows for targeted strategies for each asset and pinpointing of problem areas, such as fugitive emissions, or assets in high-risk storm zones.

  • Individual, Asset Reporting (for each address)
  • Ultra Fine Scale – Differentiated measurements across each asset, such as flood zones on one side of the property versus the other
  • Roll up Measurements for Monthly, Yearly Reporting and at the Business and Subsidiary Scales
  • Regular, Weekly and Monthly Reporting
  • Emissions Profiles Across Gas Types
  • Meet Compliance and Disclosure Goals for your Framework
  • Plug and Play with your Standards. We work with SASB, GHG Protocol, SBT, and others

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified